Streamlined. Staffed. Structured.

  • Prepare all requests for proposals and negotiate contracts with consultants and laboratories.
  • Coordinate PIR member availability and schedule regular conference calls, web conferences, and meetings to execute deadlines.
  • Conduct all recordkeeping duties and distribute minutes and notes for conference calls, web conferences and meetings.
  • Facilitate and attend meetings with U.S. EPA and other federal, state and international agencies.
  • Ensure responsiveness and collaboration with federal, state and international agencies regarding significant regulatory/legislative developments.
  • Build consensus within PIR groups to achieve collective goals.
  • Each PIR group contributes an annual fee for its share of costs and services, including salaries, benefits, rent, and accounting services.
  • Prepare and manage budgets and financial statements in consultation with a Certified Public Accountant.
  • Collect and maintain member funds. Administer all payments to contracted laboratories and consultants.
  • Provide guidance and protection for PIR groups through formation, including initiating an antitrust policy and filing all required government notices with the Department of Justice, and Federal Trade Commission, plus securing company numbers from the U.S. EPA.
  • Ensure protection of confidential business information. Assist groups with data compensation formulas and other data ownership issues.
  • Retain specialized legal counsel as necessary.
  • Provide development and maintenance of internal and external websites.
  • Direct and manage PIR group consumer education efforts.
  • Draft media statements and Q&A documents for use by group members.

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“The CSPA PIR Program has been a tremendous asset for our industry’s efforts to maintain and advance product ingredients registrations. The PIR staff skillful management of this complex program has made it a great success story that is valued by its entire membership” – Nasser Assaf, Manager Product Safety and Regulatory Affairs, Valent BioScience