Navigating Success

Since 1985, the Consumer Specialty Products Association Inc.’s (CSPA), Product Ingredient Review Program (PIR), operating from CSPA headquarters in Washington DC, has successfully directed the efforts of cooperative research projects designed to develop data and/or address industry issues efficiently and cost effectively. Given the many federal, state and international data requirements and regulatory issues, it is critical for companies to collectively respond.

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Industry Protection

CSPA acts as an “umbrella” for the formation of the cooperative industry groups in the PIR Program and invites all interested registrants to participate in joint projects, providing additional scientific, regulatory, administrative, legal and accounting support in accordance with a published antitrust policy and within the guidelines established by the National Cooperative Research Act of 1984.

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Building Relationships

PIR has valuable experience in the establishment of task forces, joint ventures, work groups, and LLCs and setting up the many relationships necessitated by cooperative ventures, including those with regulatory agencies, consultants, laboratories and individual company members world-wide.

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“The PIR Program has been a cost effective option for MGK to collaborate with competitors and customers in our industry to develop data required by the US EPA to support our active ingredients and products” – Dave Carlson, Former Technical Director, McLaughlin Gormley King Co.