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Product Ingredient Review designs and develops required health and safety data for raw chemical manufacturers and companies that market end-use products.

What is PIR?

The Product Ingredient Review Program (PIR) has had an interesting history and evolution. As a program operating under the auspices of the Consumer Specialty Manufacturers Association (CSMA), it originally started with a unique idea: Provide an efficient way for members to address federal data requirements for pesticide registration.

The Pesticide Ingredient Review Program, as it was originally known in 1985, has since grown into over fifty task forces and groups, managing an average total budget of over $15million annually.

Ten years into operations, the task forces and groups were expanding beyond the scope of just pesticide data generation, and so in 1995 the program was re-named “Product Ingredient Review Program.” The parent organization, CSMA, became the Consumer Specialty Products Association (CSPA) in 2000.

Today, PIR has developed a comprehensive and team-oriented system of managing technical support, contract and financial administration, confidential handling of sensitive data and communications expertise for projects ranging from three to 125 participants, while also acting as the primary liaison to U.S. EPA and other federal, state and international regulatory agencies.

PIR has created opportunities for our participants to engage in consumer education programs, product stewardship programs, and continuing education for medical professionals, and has worked directly with members of the U.S. Congress on concerns regarding insect-borne disease. In 2004, the PIR program received a Certificate of Congressional Recognition from Hilda Solis, 32nd District, California, for its service to the community during the 2004 West Nile Virus outbreak.

Cooperation with and outreach to city, county and state medical and public health professionals resulted in the PIR Program being presented with The Public Relations Society of America’s Excellence Award in 1995 for its efforts to raise awareness of the capability of DEET as a repellent for disease-carrying ticks and mosquitoes. PIR has also worked with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) since 2007 regarding protection from insect and arthropod bites.

The PIR team is ready to answer any questions you may have, whether it’s to join an existing program or form a new one. Please Contact Us here.